Privacy Policy

This privacy policy addresses all the stakeholders of this website. We treat all of them equally and privately. All the information taken on the website is purposeful and not subject to misuse. The customers who provide their details online are completely secured and not vulnerable to any threat or mistreatment. The following information is generally taken from you in order to maintain our database and for up gradation.

  • • We often ask you to give contact details like name and email address in order to verify the customer's existence.
  • • We often ask you to give contact details like name and email address in order to verify the customer's existence.
  • • The billing method like credit card and debit card details are asked to provide the facility to pay online for tickets.
  • • The website always looks to update the content and features of the site. For this, it is might possible that you are asked to give information like shopping behaviors, products that you buy the most or any feedback to improve our services.
  • • The website also looks for the browsers that you use often in order to know your interests.

The information needed by our database is collected directly or indirectly as follows:

  • • When the customer visits the website, they are asked to log in or to register. In this the demographic information like name, email id, postal address, phone number, ZIP code etc. are collected.
  • • Tracking tools like cookies are available on the site to track down the surfing behavior of the visitors.
  • • If you use any social media website posted on our website, than it can also be used to catch some of the information about you.

All the information collected by any means is to maintain the website database and not for any other purpose. Once the information has been used, it is useless and not disclosed to any other third party.
All the information collected is to verify the identity of the customer. When the client visits the website to buy tickets, they are asked to provide personal details and email id as well. The verification of the order and customers is done with the collected data.
The feedback is also taken on the website to improve the services and products we are offering to meet the demands of the customers. Cookies are installed on the browsers for the purpose to judge the consumer buying behavior.
The website also gathers the data of the customers for the purpose of promoting their products and services. The email id is mostly taken to send you the details of any upcoming product or services. This is called marketing strategy as well. When the customer purchases any ticket, then the website note it down and next time when the same tickets are available, the customer is notified via email. That is why; email id is mostly taken from the people.
The IP address of the customer is very helpful in getting information. It helps us in tracking the customer and basic details are taken. If in future, any problem arises, IP is useful to figure out. Once the problem is solved, the information is discarded. Nothing is stored permanently in the database.For the correction and updating any information in the contact detail of the customer, it is important that they should contact themselves.They are asked to tell again if the changes are made to any previous information provided like email or phone number. When we register, we provide basic details like email and phone number. Furthermore, if changes are made, it is necessary to inform the server yourself. It is guaranteed that information you provided is never manipulated and used for the specific purpose only. Only the authorized persons are allowed to view the information and no third person is allowed to view it by any means. We provide 100% surety that information of each individual is secured and protected. No harm is given to the customer's profile and information is never exposed to non-concerned personnel. We abide by the laws and regulations. Our privacy policy is made to facilitate the customers and not to put them into trouble. The whole team is very much professional and careful about the security of the clients and customers. Who so ever visits the website is never unsatisfied regarding the privacy and security feature. We pay special attention to the personal information collected by the customers, so that they are not exposed to harmful hands.

Modifications in privacy policy

It is the ultimate obligation of the policy makers to notify the stakeholders if any modifications are made in the privacy policy. When any information is provided, renewed, updated or modified, it is noted on the website in the privacy statement. It is our prime responsibility to satisfy our worthy customers. To maintain their privacy is the ultimate factor of customer's satisfaction. That is why; we pay a lot of attention to this issue. We email as well as post to the website in case of modifications or changes in the privacy policy. Our customers are delighted by our concern with their privacy issue and we do not miss a chance to satisfy them.

Customer Service department

Our customer service department is notified to take care of each customer individually. When the purchasing process is in progress, this department views it and makes sure that the information is used for the specific purpose and not exposed to threat. It is the duty of this department to take care of your needs and priorities. We give personal attention to everyone and notify them by calls or emails if any changes are made in the policy. Customers are encouraged to read the privacy policy and if they have any problem, they are free to contact our customer service department. We provide the newsletters and promotions emails to our customers. If the customers are not satisfied with it, they can unsubscribe it and let know the website.Customers are satisfied 100% with our services but still if they have any issue regarding it, they can contact us. Email id and contact information is given on the site to minimize the gap between you and us.